2011 Ballot

Three NCHSRC members are running for NCHSRC board election for four vacancies.  Each board nominee are running for re-election.  Nominees must receive at least one vote to be elected or re-elected to the NCHSRC board. 
The three individuals running for re-election are:
Todd Welu, incumbent -

I have been a pool member for over 7 years and the Treasurer for both the pool and swim team boards for the last 4 years.  I will continue to focus on the club’s finances to ensure that your money is managed and spent wisely, while continuing to support upgrades to the facilities in areas such as deck space and storage.  The relationship between the pool and the swim team is important and I will work toward common objectives of the two while providing representation for members living outside of the NCH subdivision.

John Willard, incumbent -

I have been a pool member for five years, a Pool Board Director for four years and have served as the Pool Board President for the past two years.  Agenda items that I have considered are more deck shade with large market umbrellas, upgrading the sound system, more deck space with the relocation of the shed and continued upgrading of the clubhouse and grounds. Thank you for your consideration.

John Williams, incumbent -

I have volunteered on the pool board for four years most recently acting as the Vice President. I would be happy to continue to push for a very active pool, tennis and social club.  I also intend to encourage the improvement our storage facilities for the swim and tennis groups while creating a more usable pool deck for everyone.

Please place your vote in the form to the right asap or by Thursday, September 8th at 7pm CST. 
Each club membership is entitled to one vote per vacant board position.  This year, there are four vacancies, so each membership is entitled to four ballot votes.  However, each candidate can only be voted for once and there is no fourth candidate.
If a equity membership is held in joint names (ie a husband and wife), in the absence of any written notice to the Secretary, each spouse is deemed to have given his or her proxy to the other to represent their membership for their vote.