2012 Ballot

Three NCHSRC members are running for NCHSRC board election for four vacancies. Each board nominee is running for re-election. Nominees must receive at least one vote to be elected or re-elected to the NCHSRC board.


Please place your vote in the form to the right asap or by Saturday, September 1st at 7pm CST. 


The three individuals running for re-election are:




In the 2 years I have been a member of the NCH Pool I have served on the Board of Directors.  I volunteered to participate on the board because I wanted to take an active role in how the pool was run and managed.  My participation has also afforded me the opportunity to get to know more  pool members that I might not have otherwise met.    I have a sincere desire to be involved in finding ways to improve the club and the experience families have when visiting.  Thanks to all for your consideration.




Over the past two years as the board member in charge of the Building and Grounds I have helped guide the changes to the concession area, the relocation of the storage shed and the remodeling of the women's locker room. Prior to my term on the pool board, I was the President of the Naper Carriage Hill Homeowner's Association. In that role, I developed the first NCHHA website to improve the communication throughout the neighborhood. My family and I enjoy our time at the pool and I would like to continue my involvement in maintaining and improving the pool for all who come. Thank you for your consideration.




I have been a pool member since our family moved here in July of 2009.  I served as a member of the pool board for this past year as co-chairperson of the Social Committee in charge of the opening and closing parties and also the Adult Social.  I will continue to try to make the pool an enjoyable place to spend your summers with different events for kids and adults while keeping the facilities safe and up to date.


Each club membership is entitled to one vote per vacant board position. This year, there are four vacancies, so each membership is entitled to four ballot votes. However, each candidate can only be voted for once and there is no fourth candidate.


If a equity membership is held in joint names (ie a husband and wife), in the absence of any written notice to the Secretary, each spouse is deemed to have given his or her proxy to the other to represent their membership for their vote.

2012 Ballot