Open Swim:

Monday - Sunday: 12-9pm

Adult Swim:

Sunday: 10am-12pm

T/Th: 6-7am

Wednesday: 10am-12pm

Saturday: 10am-12pm (except swim meet days)

Open Swim: The pool is open to members and their guests between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Circumstances may allow for earlier and later closings. Alterations to the pool's season is a decision of the Board of Directors.

Some days the pool is scheduled to close early for swim meets, a club party or in observance of holidays.

Fourth of July: Holiday Hours - Open Swim 12-6pm

The pool may also close early because of weather conditions or at the Manager’s discretion for any one of the following reasons.

  1. The Manager believes weather conditions make the pool unsafe for swimming
  2. At 12:00 pm air temperature is 64 degrees or lower. The pool may be reopened later if the 4:00 pm air temperature is greater than 64 degrees.
  3. The pool mechanical systems are not functioning properly.
  4. If after 8:00 pm the pool does not warrant staying open due to weather conditions or at the Manager’s discretion