Rules & Regulations


  1. Four (4) free guest privileges are allowed per family per season. The free guest passes will be tracked on your member account.
  2. Residents of Naperville may be a guest not more than six (6) times (excluding house guests).
  3. Guest fees (over and above the free guest passes):

Daily fee……………..$3.00

Weekend & Holiday..$4.00

After 6:00 pm……….$1.00

4. Members under the age of 16 may bring only one guest into the Club at a time unless they are accompanied by a parent. No membership may have more than five (5) guests per day.

5. Guests may be refused admission, at the Manager’s discretion, if the facility is crowded.

6. Fees for house guests of a week or more, all paid for in advance, are as follows:

$10.00 per week or any part thereof for the 1st person

$8.00 per week or any part thereof for the 2nd person

$7.00 per week or any part thereof for the 3rd person

$5.00 per week or any part thereof for the 4th person

$5.00 per week or any part thereof for the 5th person

Guest fees are collected by the pool management and are income to the pool’s operating budget.

All members and guests are expected to comply with the Rules & Regulations of the Club. They have been established by the Swim Committee and confirmed by the Board of Directors to assure safe and orderly operation of the pool and its surroundings. In total, members will achieve greatest satisfaction of the benefits offered by the facility.

Pool Closing:

  1. If the Manager believes weather conditions make the pool unsafe for swimming
  2. If the 12:00 pm air temperature is 64 degrees or lower. The pool may be later reopened if the 4:00 pm air temperature is greater than 64 degrees.
  3. If pool mechanical systems are not functioning properly.
  4. If after 8:00 pm the pool does not warrant staying open due to weather conditions or at the Manager’s discretion.


  1. The pool’s management and staff are charged with the enforcement of the Rules & Regulations. The pool’s Manager is not only obligated to perform to his contractual agreement with the Club, but also authorized to establish temporary rules to deal with immediate situations and to take disciplinary action where necessary.
  2. Club employees are not to be interfered with or reprimanded by members of the club. Comments, suggestions or complaints should be factually documented and directed to
  3. Use of the Club facilities by members and guests is at their own risk. The Club is not responsible for the destruction, theft, loss, or damage to the property of any member or guest.
  4. Any property of the Club broken or damaged by a member or their guest shall be paid for by the member.
  5. Use of the Club’s facilities is permitted only by registering the member’s name and membership number at the front desk of the pool. The pool staff maintains a membership directory to assure authorized use of the pool.
  6. Any member willfully permitting use of his/her membership number by an unauthorized person will be subject to the loss of privileges for ten days. Repeated violations may result in termination of membership. This includes use of membership for pool rental.
  7. Children ages 9 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult 16 years of age at all times.
  8. Children ages 11 and under will not be permitted to remain at the pool after 7:00 pm unless accompanied and supervised by an adult 18 years of age or over at all times.
  9. Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Profane or abusive language, rowdyism and hazardous conduct will not be tolerated by the management and staff. Club privileges can be suspended.
  10. All swimmers under the age of 18 will be subject to an enforced rest period of fifteen minutes every hour.
  11. Unlocked lockers are provided for general daily use by the members and their guests. Padlocks may be used, if desired; however, the padlock must be removed nightly.
  12. Adults have priority over children in the use of lounge chairs. Lounge chairs are not to be used as towel holders by children.

13. The club will not approve of the volunteering or donation of employee time or the relinquishment of facility fees for charitable events held at the club.


1. Parking of automobiles is permitted in the parking area. Automobiles shall not be parked on driveways or near the entrance of the Clubhouse. The Club disclaims liability for the theft of any automobile or for any damage to an automobile.


3. The Club does not provide parking attendants. Employee are not required or permitted to drive or park vehicles for members or guests.

4. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the pool grounds.

5. Club members do not have the privilege of sending pool employees out of the Club grounds. The Club’s management has supervisory responsibility of employees.

6. Notices, signs, decorations or pictures shall not be posted any place within the Clubhouse except with the approval of the Manager.

7. Outside sales of goods within pool and clubhouse grounds during regular pool hours is not allowed.


1. A public health regulation requires that a nude shower be taken immediately before entering the pool area.

2. Any person having a communicable disease, infection or open wound will be denied admission to the pool. Any person with an open wound is to report to the Pool Manager.

3. Wearing apparel, other than swimwear, will not be allowed in the pool area except during swim meets, other special occasions when the pool is closed to open swimming, or under particular approved circumstances. Cut-offs or shorts of any kind are not allowed in the pool.

4. Lotions to prevent sunburn, i.e. suntan or baby oil must be removed by showering before entering the pool.

5. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth, or blowing the nose in the water are strictly forbidden.

6. All eating and drinking are not permitted in the pool area. Such activities are to be confined only to the concession area. All refuse should be placed in the containers provided.


1. Swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool before being allowed to go off the diving boards or swim in the deep area. If the lifeguards are in doubt, a swimmer will be asked to swim the length of the pool without touching the bottom of the pool. The lifeguard’s decision is not to be questioned.

2. Glass containers are NOT ALLOWED in the Pool or Concession area.

3. Face masks, snorkels and fins are not permitted at the pool.

4. No one is to be permitted into the pool, UNLESS A LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY.

5. Running or ball games are not allowed in the pool area.

6. The diving area is reserved strictly for diving from the board. Each diver is responsible to be certain the diving area is clear before beginning his/her approach. The diver must swim immediately to the pool edge or ladder after surfacing.

7. Passing on the diving board, diving or jumping on its edge, hand stands, hanging by the hands, springing from a sitting position or bounding more than once ARE PROHIBITED.

8. Soft nerf-like toys shall be permitted unless the guards determine too many members are present to allow their safe use.