Summer Beer Swap

Please join us for the 2nd NCHSRC Summer Beer Swap!

Where: Naper Carriage Hill Swim & Racquet Club upstairs party room

When: Sunday, June 24th

Time: Drop off your beer any time between 10am-12:30pm to be entered; the preview will take place from 12:45-1pm with the swap starting at 1pm.

What to bring: Bring your 12 unique beers in whatever combination: 12 of the same, 2 beers @ 6 each, or bring 12 different beers! The more diverse the selection, the more fun the event.

How it will work:

  • All participants will be put into a random name generator. This will determine the order of the draft. The draft will be a snake draft. This is very similar to fantasy football drafts. (EX: if there are 20 people, the draft will start with person/pick 1 and go up to person/pick 20. Then person 20 will pick again and go back to person 1)
  • During each person's pick, they will select 1 beer.
  • Beers will be drafted until everyone has 12 new beers to take home.
  • We will have a beer expert on hand to talk you through the different styles and tastes of different kinds of beers, so if you’re new to the craft beer fad, he’ll help you choose!

If you need help selecting beers, take these instructions to Binny’s, Peterson’s, or anywhere else with a decent selection of unique beers and any of their employees can help. There’s absolutely no pressure. As long as you don’t show up with something like Budweiser, odds are someone else will be interested in trying whatever beer you’ve brought.

Any questions? Stop by the office and talk to Jeff.